The Vision


Creating Possibilities

We believe that early intervention is the key to success for the at-risk youth, and youth with autism and different abilities in our community.


By creating trauma informed employment training and internship opportunities we are taking a pro-active approach that can help keep these youth connected to the work force and education opportunities, giving them a head start towards independence and career growth.

Chalamar Nichols

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Turning a Vision into Reality

Our comprehensive program offers an opportunity for the youth to connect with caring adult mentors, like-minded peers, and a supportive case manager. The case manager will help navigate relationships within the workplace, provide resources relating to the intern’s individual development plan, and assist with resume building and applications for employment, and/or assist with applications for higher education and available financing.

Eric Jimenez

Co-Founder & Creative Director


Bridging The Gap

Our program is designed to help develop soft skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving and professionalism; as well as hard skills tailored towards their internship path. The combination of these employment skills creates an advantage in bridging the gap with prospective employers.

Jason Fox

Co-Founder & Production Technician

Feel Good Choices For The Community

Our organization offers the community full-service event planning, catering, and hosting that they can truly feel good about. By choosing Events That Benefit clients are directly contributing to the future of the youth we serve.


Due to the variety of services we offer, we have multiple internship paths from which our youth can choose.

2829 Rockefeller Ave

Everett, WA 98201

Tel: 425-436-7744

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